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Birthdate:Aug 28
DiNozzoitis aka Violetwarnercobalt aka just plain Bec.

Lover of all things NCIS and Michael Weatherly, 24 year old writer (both the fanfiction and non-fanfiction type) and often stressed out admin assistant from Melbourne, Australia.

Tony Whumper.

Tibbs and Tabby addict.

Most of my stories are centered around Tony DiNozzo.

My ship preferences are Tibbs (Tony/Gibbs slash)and Tabby (Tony/Abby het), I minjor in Tony/Paula, Tony/Ziva, Tony/McGee, with a slight possibility of a semi Tony/Kate fic in the future.

Even though I write a more Tibbs slash now in the past I mostly wrote Tony and Gibbs in a father son relationship. Now though it really depends on my mood whether I wirte Tibbs or Father/Son.

Also while I may attempt some humor and fluffy fics I am a angst and hurt/comfort girl all the way.

The more Tony Whump the better!

My fics, while they may include smatterings of smut, will more than likely not be graphic (eg. in the bedroom way) if the rating of a fic is higher than a PG it is most likely due to violence/disturbing imagery/themes or language. However that could change in the future.

I do also have a fondness for Dark Angel/NCIS xovers where Tony and Logan are the same person.


Website (where everything will be crossposted) (where my fics are posted) (my main twitter where I hang out whenever I can) (my second twitter) (my tumblr which I really should update more) (facebook fanpage for updates) (personal lj if you are interested)
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